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Direct channels are connected with advance of goods (to an usl without participation of intermediaries, i.e. directly - through sales department of the enterprise or branch of sale directly to a. In this case these organizations carry out the marketing program for sale, keep in touch with the consumer therefore trade margins and remuneration which is necessary to trade enterprises and intermediaries are excluded. Here the limited target markets are involved.

Two main aspects of marketing activity are market researches and realization of a marketing strategy which act, on the one hand, as process stages, and with another - as types. They not only follow one after another, but also are carried out. In other words, the enterprise leads the strategy accepted on the basis of researches and at the same time continues to conduct market researches for the purpose of search of new decisions on the basis of alternative options.

Then it is necessary to study commodity structure of the market to define the range and to reveal, whether there is a product similar to what the enterprise to offer, and what standards which are also existing in the market, norms, requirements to a of goods.

the internal - is based on accounting, statistical and operational reports of the enterprise. It opens its internal state and contains about the movement of goods and their stocks, the income and expenses etc.;

Marketing control happens three types: strategic, annual planned (tactical) also arrived. The first is a periodic, comprehensive and objective of marketing activity of the enterprise for the purpose of detection of compliance to the chosen strategy to the real processes proceeding in the market. The second - the current control of a of the planned purposes (sales volumes, a share of the occupied market, the relation to goods etc.). Control of profitability is carried out on the basis of balance of profit and losses, a ratio of expenses and the received results. It is most important for the large trading companies realizing the goods (services) in many sales channels and in the target markets.

Control system of marketing: has to be complete, with interconnected (shots, structure, functions, administrative influences, technical means. At the same time it has to be improved constantly on the basis of achievements of science and experience.

The workers who are carrying out marketing activity have to have a fair idea of demand for goods, segmentations of the market, goods, services and activity of, macro - and a microenvironment, professional and intellectual potential of members of staff of the enterprise at which they work.

So, implementation of marketing functions of marketing (ability is correct to build distributions and sale has huge value for any enterprise because the goods are made only in order that to sell it.

Production functions are aimed at such organization of production and technological process that the enterprise let out production of that range and that quality which will satisfy to inquiries of consumers. Here ­ to consider production resources, financial opportunities, qualification of boats. As a result of comparison of opportunities of production and market requirements the carries out the range adaptation to separate segments of the market, plans development of new goods, defines profitability and product cost. Moreover, correctly carried out analysis of the market will allow to hold when releasing new goods time monopoly there.

Marketing is based on a certain system of logically connected actions which, developing as if on a spiral, continue to be improved. However the main thing in marketing always there is a target orientation and complexity - merge in uniform process of all links of production and marketing activity. Thus the purposes are defined on an of the analysis of information on a condition of the commodity markets and forecasts of their development with change of needs of buyers.

At strategic planning such problems as providing ­ profit level and profitability on a long-term outlook, effective development of capacities, plans for improvement of the range, research of new of sale, an entry into the world market are solved. Here the latest and technology (controlling, are used, whenever possible.