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Projects of modernization, reconstruction and construction of formula-feed plants and shops of a with use of new technological schemes, modern processing methods, productive steadily equipment. Information level of the production personnel visit of domestic and exhibitions, training, seminars extends.

Now compound feeds are developed for cattle, sheep, pigs, fur animals, fishes, for all species of an agricultural bird (turkeys, hens, ducks, ostriches, a ), deer, laboratory animals (white mice), cats, dogs and other animals.

The important place in development of a formula-feed is taken by specialization of the enterprises. It is a prototype of integration of producers of Formula-feed production now and their consumers, but without infringement of the rights of these enterprises.

However the unprepared material base, an of shots led to that, on the one hand, ­ the major branch - the formula-feed industry, with another - shops with technologies and the equipment were created hastily and nonprofessionally.

The formula-feed industry makes mixes from the distinguished components (types of raw materials), combining them in the most different combinations and proportions. It also defines the name ­ - the combined forage. Mix is formed so that to compensate shortcomings (low protein content, a lack of vitamins etc.) of one components advantages of others.

Requirements to compound feeds for the industrial and poultry-farming enterprises are extremely great. becomes as if the connecting link between the nature and animals. All nutrients necessary for a and development, are compensated by compound feeds as animals are on the cellular and easel contents and with wildlife are deprived.

Serious contribution to development of a formula-feed was creation of a new product - premixes of industrial production at specialized plants and in shops of of the microbiological and formula-feed industries. Industrial production of one-percentage premixes to lift quality of compound feed and them to balance.

The structure of the modern formula-feed industry includes the following enterprises: independent plants; formula-feed plants and shops as a part of of bakeries; formula-feed plants and shops as a part of the enterprises and elevators; intereconomic shops as a part of poultry farms and livestock complexes. Last decade own plants and shops on a number of poultry farms and large complexes totally make 2,5-3,0 million tons of. Thus only some of them meet modern production requirements. They let out cheaper compound feeds (for 10-15%) mainly due to decrease in payments and costs of production.

At a solution of the problem of production of compound feeds in conditions improvement of quality of diets, development of recipes of polnoratsionny compound feeds, proteinaceous vi-taminno-mineral additives, premixes various a is necessary. Without knowledge of technology of their production to solve problems, before the formula-feed industry, will be.

The main thing by production of compound feeds - creation of such which will fill need of farm, animals, of a bird in nutrients, will provide their growth, development and safety.