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Others take as a principle other principle: all classification is built on the basis of one of categories which is considered as functional. For example, Epicurus subordinated all categories of ethics of category happiness. Aristotle considered as the main category of the benefit, and Kant – category of a debt. However, there is no uniform look in this respect and presently. In domestic science all set of categories is divided often proceeding from structure of morals. As basic elements of this structure some authors allocate moral practice, moral consciousness and moral consciousness, and the moral relations and moral activity in total make moral practice.

Having assumed as a basis the second position, it is possible to distinguish from categories of ethics: categories of moral consciousness, category of the moral relations and category of moral activity. It is necessary to notice, as this classification is very vulnerable because all categories are in close unity, mutually supplement each other, pass from one group into another, have mutual impact at each other.