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Special work is necessary in connection with formation of the working group for drawing up the general plan of restructuring, ensuring interaction between divisions. Providing the working group with necessary information is of great importance.

Now, despite the proceeding economic crisis, in the country restructuring of economy is carried out. To become a main goal and at the same time main content of this process the restructuring of the enterprises including a wide complex of forms, methods and tools on providing a sustainable development.

Practical experience showed that improvement of results can be received, generally due to increase of efficiency of use of the available resources and their development. And, as a rule, there is a serious potential (50 – 60%) of efficiency increase which can be realized, mainly, due to improvement of mechanisms of management.

By the beginning of process of restructuring it is necessary to have its accurate plan and completely to represent what is supposed to receive result, what basic changes in activity of the company will occur. Restructuring of the company is the long-term strategic task demanding constant purposeful efforts. It is important that work on permission of temporary crisis situations did not nullify long-term strategic actions, and would serve as their support.

there is no information support of activity of the enterprise (the department of automation of a control system works not for needs of the specific user; at most that is served - accounts department), in particular commercial and financial activity;

Liberalization of economic process (free pricing, formation of basic elements of expenses, attraction domestic and foreign the capital mentions first of all microlevel. It defines cardinal changes in the enterprise.

Thus as restructuring this project it is understood not only division of the enterprise into independent economic entities (or allocation such), but also change of internal structure of the enterprise and its control system, and also a complex of works on activization of internal potential.

in connection with toughening of the competition rational approach to the analysis of activity of the enterprise and planning of own activity on prospect that it is possible to provide organizationally with introduction of three departments (financial planning, incorporating and monetary circulation, economic) with submission to their finance director is necessary.

Strategy assumes first of all orientation to a long-term outlook or the solution of a key priority task in the concrete period of time. The solution of any financial problem both in the theory, and in practice is connected with a factor of time which action corrects an orientation and fullness of financial streams.

So, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of work of the companies by definition and achievement of strategic objectives according to financial opportunities and priorities, using methods and forms of restructuring. It is possible to make it only in the presence of competently developed financial strategy which is embodied in practice by means of restructuring.

Lack of such system of the organization is inevitably arising duplication of functions of the departments of the same name within various business - units. On highly integrated productions impossible distribution of all resources of the enterprise on business - to units as it conducts to increase of product cost often is.

different aspects of uniform service of work with the personnel either are absent in general, or are carried on functional divisions with various levels of subordination (a human resources department, department of work with the personnel and department of the organization of work and a salary)

management of operational activity, ensuring production and realization of problems of technical development of firm requires more clear split of functions of the director of production and the chief engineer;

surplus of the personnel and at the same time lack of qualified personnel dictate need of creation of full-fledged service of work with the personnel under supervision of the personnel director, especially regarding motivation and certification of the personnel, and also search and preparation of highly qualified personnel;