How And Why To Write A Thesis Statement

The trick to be confident in interviews

We bear responsibility before our employees, men and women who work for us around the world. Each of them has to be considered as the personality. We have to respect their advantage and note their merits. It is necessary to make so that at the work they felt surely. Remuneration for work has to be fair and proportional, and working conditions have to provide purity, an order and safety. We have to do everything possible that official duties of our employees did not enter the conflict to their family obligations. Employees have to, without hesitating, to propose and complaints. All have to be in equal situation and in sense of receiving work, professional development and promotion for those who it deserved. We are obliged to watch that heads were competent, and their decisions - fair and ethic.

And, at last, we bear responsibility before our shareholders. Business has to make the corresponding profit. We are obliged to seek for introduction of new ideas. It is necessary to develop in every possible way research work, to use not ordinary technology, to correct the made mistakes. It is necessary to acquire the latest equipment, to build new cases, to let out new products. On a case of adverse circumstances it is necessary to create reserves in advance. If we act thus, our shareholders will get notable profit from the capitals.

Formation of the innovative organizational and pedagogical model focused on further humanitarization of education, rapid response to a situation in labor market on achievement of high learning efficiency due to use of modern techniques and the latest technologies.

Crisis of the Higher trade-union school of culture was aggravated with a number of specific circumstances. In many respects it was connected with crash of a command and bureaucratic control system of higher educational institutions from labor unions when all aspects of activity of higher education institution were strictly regulated, the set was defined by the order from above, the contents and the directions of educational process were strictly caused by that concept of labor unions which for decades deprived of them original sense, having turned into an appendage of CPSU and the state.

It does not go to a section from the concept of organizational culture which is already created in the organization, and on the contrary confirms and strengthens its main postulates about which I wrote in research of a historical way of development of firm (EF piece).

The educational and educational. The individual turns into the person, the personality in process of socialization, i.e. development by it of knowledge, language, symbols, values, norms, customs, traditions of the people, group, a family and the organization.

In short terms university traditions are created. As their organizing basis the university festive calendar which event basis is made by the actions of various level covering practically all parties of high school life and marking important stages of formation of the expert acts. All these actions, being systemically built, promote the solution of an important problem of formation of the expert of the humanitarian profile combining professional qualities and spiritual and moral lines.