How I M Adjusting To Write A Biography

My personal journey to write an article critique

Degree of philosophical judgment of the person, his life, its sense of existence, its interests and purposes. In other words, as far as the person turned into a separate and special subject of a philosophical reflection, with what theoretical depth, with what extent of attraction of all means of the philosophical analysis it is considered.

What it is necessary to put in the basis of a frame of reference, defining position of the person in the world - anthropocentrism or a sotsiotsentrizm? In other words, whose priorities of an iznachalna: person or society? That has to be on the first place: individualism or collectivism?

The person is an animal, a corporal being which activity represents based on production of goods. carrying out in system of the public relations, process of conscious, purposeful, reformative impact on the world and on the person for ensuring its existence, functioning, development.

Any spirit surely has personal character. The personality, - M. Sheller emphasizes is an intrinsic and necessary and only form of existence of spirit. Only on the personal there is a possibility of creative self-realization of spirit. Thus, thanks to the dualistic nature of people appears as a certain integrity - the microcosm which is in a certain relation with "a macrocosmos - the ultraboundary world".

Another, the most developed and internally consistent concept is developed by Marxist philosophy. It proceeds from the prerequisite about uniqueness of human life. Justification of this situation is served by the doctrine about a combination of biological and social essence of the person.