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At branch of the handle of a perezaryazhaniye back it is linked by the leading ledge to a ledge of a barrier frame and takes away it back, squeezing a vozyovratno-fighting spring; the drummer, being located with the ledge in a ring pro-point of a rack of a frame, departs back.

serviceability of a bipod. The bipod should not have pognutost; under the influence of a spring of a foot of a bipod have to get divorced vigorously in the parties; the spring fastener has to hold feet in the put situation reliably. has to have free rotation on a bipod;

RChS solution to cleaning of the channel of a trunk the brush screwed on the ramrod and moistened in solution. Cleaning to continue by RChS solution until the brush, tow or rags will not leave pure a trunk

The commander of division is obliged to know in perfection a, rules of its use and storage, to check technical condition, conditions of use and storage, to organize maintenance and carrying out actions for the prevention of damages and to extension of of service, to direct staff of division during care of arms, to organize maintenance and an, to take measures to increase of knowledge of staff, and also safety at the handling of arms and ammunition to it.

At installation of the regulator the 1 the gas piston is affected by the smallest of the powder gases which are taken away from the channel of a trunk a hook as both openings of a branch pipe are open and through them the part of gases is issued outside.

to check action of a clamp — when pressing the clamp has to utaplivatsya by a finger easily in the front sight basis, and after release to initial situation. At a clamp the flame arrester has to from a trunk without considerable efforts.

— the trunk on which there are no flutes is facilitated, and its diameter is a little reduced; also barreled, a barrier frame, a tube of the gas piston, the basis of the receiver and some other parts are facilitated;

For check of serviceability of the drummer to give to a lock vertical situation; after that to turn a lock on 180 ° — the drummer has to in a lock under the influence of weight. To displace the drummer forward to the full — baizes has to act from an opening of cut. Boyek should not have a skroshennost or a strong heat.

At survey of the receiver to check, whether is not present and curvature on the basis of the receiver and on a receiver cover; whether the top fingers, the giving lever, guards, a cover latch, a finger of giving of the feeder normally work; on -

For check of rubbing and the brush serially to screw them on the ramrod; rubbing and the brush have to keep strongly on the ramrod, and the part of rubbing — freely to rotate; ­ has to be pure, and the bristle should not drop out.