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From told it is visible that A. Smith did not give to a rent exact definition though in its theory there were many correct ideas and thoughts. For example, he noted that distinctions as grounds can be the cause of formation of a differential rent.

Despite the listed shortcomings, for the time this theory had very progressive value. Loss of the constant capital in the analysis of reproduction will be called "Smith's dogma" subsequently.

A. Smith attached great value to a high salary (especially "podetalny"), saying that it stimulates workers to more productive work. And categorically disagreed with Maltus who considered poverty of workers inevitable. Thus, the main advantage of the theory of A. Smith was that it promoted the movement on a way to welfare of society in general.

Creation of the first complete economic system on the basis of the sum of knowledge which were accumulated by that moment of social development became the main merit of A. Smith, economist of the manufactory period. And considering A. Smith's works from height of our time, we pay tribute to that grandiose work which it did and which fruits we use to this day. Therefore we can call A. Smith the classic of economic thought with good reason.