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Features of a chemical composition and organoleptic properties of cheeses of this group are caused by high temperature of the second heating (58C). When heating the paracasein clot is condensed, loses a lot of moisture, cheese grain is most dried owing to what humidity of cheeses decreases.

Each goods possess a wide range of properties. However potrebitelny cost it is formed only by those of them which cause usefulness. It is possible to allocate group of consumer properties which are the general for all goods. Treat such properties: nutrition, biological, power and physiological value of products.

Cheeses are received folding of milk and the subsequent long processing of the received clot during which moisture is removed. Processing comes to the end with formation of cheese weight and the subsequent posolka of the received cheeses. Cheese gains specific properties only after long process of maturing in cheese cellars where conditions for accumulation in the cheese mass of flavoring and aromatic substances are created.

The power value of a product is an energy which is released from feedstuffs of products in the course of biological oxidation and is used for ensuring physiological functions of an organism.

Practically all vitamins necessary for normal development of the person are found in milk. When processing milk the maintenance of some of them decreases, but, nevertheless, cheese contains the major vitamins and in rather large number. According to the content of vitamins A and E full-fat cheeses it is possible to put on the second place after butter.

Other part of amino acids surely has to come to a human body with food in finished form. They are called irreplaceable. It is tryptophane, a lysine, a leucine, an isoleucine, methionine, phenylalanine,,.